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Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School


Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

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For more information regarding Athletics at SHS, contact:

Mr. Sean M. Richmond  C.A.A.  Director of Athletics and Student Activities,

 570-421-1991  Ext 50028

Mr. Mark Getz  M.Ed.  Assistant Director of Athletics & Student Activities/Assistant Principal Stroudsburg Junior High School,

Wendy Tretheway, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics,


Connie Montalvo, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Activities,

Mr. Matthew Shelton L.A.T.  A.T.C.  High School Campus Athletic Trainer,

Ms. Collette Beverage  A.T.C.  Junior High Campus Athletic Trainer,


Fall Head Coaches:




Varsity-Brielle Chmiel,


Middle School-Samantha Iorio,


Cross Country


Varsity-Eric Foti,


Field Hockey


Varsity-Lois Groff,


Assistant-Nicole Fantozzi,


Middle School-Emma Lambert,




Varsity Jim Miller


Junior High/Freshman-Mike Mignosi,

                                    -Dave Herman,


Middle School-John Pytko,




Varsity-Pete Sobrinski,


Boys Soccer


Varsity-James Beebe,


Middle School-Josh Fuller,


                        -Dan Hanna,


Girls Soccer Varsity, JV, Middle School


Varsity-Doug Batt,


Girls Tennis


Varsity-Gene Tapiro,




Varsity-Brittney Hewitt,


Middle School-Julia Misiejuk,



Winter Head Coaches


Boys Basketball


Varsity-Tarik El-Bassiouni,


Freshman/JR High- Matt Haggerty


Middle School- Alex Roman,


Girls Basketball


Varsity-Matt Field,


Middle School-Ralph Meisse,





Varsity-Tom Weiss,


Assistant-Patti Weiss,




Varsity  -B.J. Conklyn,




Varsity-Sean Richmond,


Junior High-John Jasionowicz,;


                   -Jim Palmisano,



Spring Head Coaches




Varsity- Matt Suarez,


JV- Paul Malachowsky,


Middle School-Rich Pacitti,




Varsity-Maynard Frantz,


Middle School-Lauren Donovan,


Boys Tennis


Varsity-Gene Tapiro,


Track and Field


Varsity-Brett Youngken,







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