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Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School


Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

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Fall Sports Google Classroom sign-up links

High School, Junior High, and Middle School Fall Sports Google Classroom Sign ups

Please go to the link of your respective sports and register by signing up for your sport specific Google Classrooms.  Only join the level that corresponds to the student grade level for the 2022-2023 school year.  Information regarding practice schedules, equipment handouts, and pre-season workouts will be conveyed through Google classroom for the fall seasons.  The official fall sports season will be beginning the week of August 8th (Varsity Football & Golf) or August 15th (all other sports. 


SASD’s spring physicals will be offered at the HS stadium on June 1st and June 2nd beginning at 6:00 PM.  If unable to attend, please schedule a pre-participation physical with your primary care physician.  Physicals for the fall season must be completed after June 1, 2022. 


PIAA CIPPE physical forms can be found at 



Varsity and JV Cheerleading



Middle School Grades 7-8 Cheerleading



Varsity Cross Country



Varsity and JV Field Hockey



Middle School Grades 7-8 Field Hockey



Varsity and JV Grades 10-12 Football



Freshman Grade 9 Football



Middle School Grades 7-8 Football



Varsity Golf



Varsity and JV Boys Soccer



Middle School Grades 7-8 Boys Soccer



Varsity and JV Girls Soccer



Varsity and JV Girls Tennis



Varsity and JV Girls Volleyball



Middle School Grades 7-8 Volleyball

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