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Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School


Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

Mountaineers Athletics

Stroudsburg High School

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3 weeks ago @ 8:33AM

Varsity S Membership Bulletin

Dear Stroudsburg Athletics Booster -

The Varsity "S" Association wants YOU as a member!! 

This letter comes to you as we kick off our 2019-20 membership drive.  For those of you unfamiliar with us, the Varsity "S" Association is an ALL-SPORTS booster club that helps to fund equipment and training needs for Stroudsburg High School varsity sports programs.  In order to help our teams compete at their highest level, the Varsity "S" provides financial support when needs exceed the limits of the high school's athletic budget.  Additionally, we recognize the accomplishments of our athletes at an annual all-sports banquet, fund seven $500 scholarships to deserving senior student-athletes and help to organize and recognize the new inductees to the school's Athletic Hall of Fame. 

To accomplish these tasks, the club runs several fund-raising efforts.  We run the concession stand during football games and various stadium activities throughout the year, publish a sports calendar twice per year, hold a "10-Weeker" raffle in the fall and RUN THIS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE!!!

Student-athletes are the ones who benefit from the Varsity "S" endeavors and we are looking for additional parents/friends/fans who can help out with these activities.  Your support in the past helped Stroudsburg HS have the most successful overall sports program in the region and we hope you will be able to help our athletes once again.

In addition to your annual dues of $10.00 (and/or any donation you may wish to make), we hope you will consider coming to our meetings which are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Newberry’s Yard of Ale on Main Street, Stroudsburg.  I am looking forward to another great Stroudsburg sports year and I hope to see you at the games and, hopefully, at our meetings.  See you there!


                                                                        Bruce Baustien, President




Make checks payable to: Varsity "S" Association  and mail to PO Box 182, Stroudsburg, PA  18360


Name   _______________________________________________________________________________________

Street    _______________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip  _________________________________________________________________________________

Email address  _________________________________________________________________________________

Dues    $10.00 __________________        Donation ________________________________________

*I  am a new member, please add me to the mailing list



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